Seen my Green Party sign? Now read my platform.

Please add this to your Facebook, tweet it out and in general share with your friends! You'll be saving paper, and helping spread the Green message!
Please add this jpg of my campaign sign to your Facebook, tweet it out and in general share with your friends! You’ll be saving paper, and helping spread the Green message! And if you want your own lawn sign, email

Hello to everyone visiting based on my campaign materials which include a few lawn signs and mostly my handmade recycled flyers and origami frogs (the frogs jump, which demonstrates my message that a little Green goes a long way – one Green MPP can make a big difference at Queen’s Park).

I’m running for MPP with the Green Party of Ontario in the Toronto riding of St. Paul’s.
Instead of printing thousands of glossy flyers, I distributed bits of cut-out old cereal boxes to show my commitment to reducing waste, both environmental and financial. is still in the process of being built, and I invite you to check back in the future for updates on my creative and environmental work. In the meantime, I’m putting my info in this post.

First, you can check out photos in my campaign Facebook album by clicking here, including great shots of me handing out my recycled handmade flyers with an 11-year old volunteer.

I’ve had many phone calls with people offering support and telling me they are voting Green. I released a campaign love song to the riding on YouTube. And, even though the other parties pulled out of both public debates in the riding, I debated the Liberal and Conservative candidates on Rogers TV. (NOTE: The debate airs on Monday, June 9th at 8pm on Rogers TV!)

I usually try to make the campaigning mostly online and in person, so that we aren’t wasting money and trees for materials, but there have been so many requests for signs that we just got some lawn signs printed. So message me on Facebook or at if you’d like one.

For my platform, I passionately support the Green Party of Ontario policies for this election. You can read our main policies for this campaign by clicking here.

The policies consist of 9 main points:

In the next session of the legislature, your Green MPPs will demand that government:

1. Focus on your job by lowering payroll taxes for small businesses
2. Get you home faster by paying for the transit infrastructure we need
3. Invest in your home to help you save money by saving energy
4. Improve your children’s education by merging the public and separate school boards
5. Make good on our promises to address child poverty
6. Give young adults a chance to contribute to our world
7. Putting your food and water first by protecting farmland and water
8. Getting our fair share by making industry pay a fair price for our shared resources
9. Restore your confidence that our communities & natural heritage will not be damaged by development

Every demand is costed, and we show you where the money is coming from.

Personally, I am especially passionate about funding public transit, expanding bike and walking paths, planting trees, increasing green space and supporting green energy. I’ve taken Al Gore’s Climate Leader training, I wrote a Love Song for Elizabeth May that went viral and helped get Liz elected our first Green MP, and I’ve been picking up litter around town. I don’t make eco-comedy as a joke, I do it to use my skills to reach the most people possible so that I can effect positive change for the world. Here are a few articles where you can read about my passion for Green issues:

Unfortunately, the other parties all declined to attend the all-candidates meetings we were supposed to have for the riding, so the only riding debate you can see was filmed on Wednesday at Rogers TV at airs on Monday, June 9th at 8pm. Here’s the TV schedule:

I’m sorry I haven’t had the resources to flyer the entire riding. But many, many people have called to tell me they’re switching from their usual parties to vote Green this time. So I invite you to join us in surprising the media by making the Green vote in our riding the highest ever – And maybe even electing the province’s first Green MPP. I promise you that as your MPP I will put my entire heart and soul into doing what’s best for our riding and for Ontario. As evidence of my commitment, here’s a love song I wrote for our riding that it would be great if you could share with your friends:



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