Talking about my Green campaign on Humble & Fred Radio

My good friends at Humble & Fred Radio were kind enough to invite me onto their show the day before election day, to talk about my campaign running for MPP in St. Paul’s riding with the Green Party of Ontario. They’re usually a bit – ok, a lot – conservative politically, especially Fred, so I was a bit scared of going on to talk politics. But I was surprised and delighted that Fred revealed he was actually considering voting Green thanks to our plan to merge the public and Catholic school boards to save money and end discrimination. Then, as usual when I’m on the show, the talk moved on to my dating life and my famous hummus story from a year ago. Never a dull moment on that show, even when talking politics!

My call starts around 1:30:45 into the show, which you can hear here.


By Josh Rachlis

Celebrity interviewer, actor, comedian, songwriter, cartoonist

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