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Correct all grammar errors with Grammarly! Free Check for Plagiarism

Today I want to tell you about my new sponsor, Grammarly. It can check your writing for grammar, detect if you’re plagiarizing, even make you sound better when writing your online dating profiles (Not that I would know anything about online dating profiles. Cough cough).

Now, I know what you’re thinking. What would a genius like Celebrity Josh need from an app that helps with writing? After all, I’m an award-winning advertising copywriter with 25 years experience creating billion dollar brands at Canada’s top ad agencies. I’m also an award-winning screenwriter. But even I often need to check how to spell a word or what phrasing is grammatically correct.

Just today, I was messaging a friend on Instagram about the life-extending benefits of letting yourself get hungry. I was trying to tell her how it would help with longetivity. But I kept getting a red line under it. I finally had to Google, and I discovered that longetivity is an ancient spelling that hardly anyone uses. The word should be longevity.

Now, if I’d been on my laptop, using Grammarly, I would have discovered this super fast and I could have moved on with my life, using all the time I saved to make funny videos for you.

My point is, get Grammarly at my special offer link here and you can write as well I do. Heck, even better than I do! But you’ll never been as pretty as me. Sorry. Grammarly can’t do everything. But they can make pretty ads. Like this one, which you can also click on for a special offer:


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