Home Product reviews Testing Ecamm Live. Opening ketchup from a fan.

Testing Ecamm Live. Opening ketchup from a fan.

Testing Ecamm Live. Opening ketchup from a fan.

To do cool live side-by-side interview broadcasts on Facebook Live like this, buy the software through my link: http://bit.ly/JoshRachlisEcammLive. This was Bridgetti Lim Banda (a live broadcast expert in South Africa) and I testing out this software she told me about.

Thank you to Pauline, who sent me the box I opened in this video, filled with ketchup. She sent me all this because I mentioned in a vlog that I felt like it was a waste of money to buy ketchup and I should just get free packets from a fast food place. Also thanks to the mysterious “Michael Wolfe” who sent a novelty ketchup toy from “Jamaica, NY”.


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