I was a guest on the Humble & Fred Radio 2013 Christmas Show


I attended the Humble & Fred Radio 2013 Christmas Show on Friday. It was hard to get up so early, and I went too far on the streetcar, ran back two stops but was too late and missed my ride with Eileen. Took a streetcar and bus to the studio and got there a half hour after the show had started. But it was all worth it. First, I was surprised and delighted to see so many fans of the show. People were coming up to me and introducing themselves. Guys wanted to take selfies with me, the selfie expert. And right away when I arrived, Humble Howard said he wanted me as a guest. So I was right in there, reminiscing about the stories I’d told on the show that year. And Humble even asked me to be in the promo video for the day’s show. My appearances on the show this year were a dream come true for me. 15 years ago I emailed Humble & Fred, asking if I could be on their show. Humble emailed back, inviting me to come by, but for some reason I never went over there to talk to them in person. Well, I’ve made up for it now. And this Christmas Show was a sweet summary of a great year with them. Here’s to 2014 being even better.

You can listen to the show by clicking here. I’m on at 26:50 into the show. And then again at 1:05. (Warning: X-rated, adult, sexual content that may offend some). And here’s the promo video, with me and the show’s Panel of Men, which is a group of male fans of the show that sometimes goes on the show:


You can see pics of the party in the album at the show’s Facebook page by clicking here. And I’m pasting some of the ones with me here:

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