My attempt to talk about my eco show on Humble & Fred Radio


Eileen, the producer/talent on Humble & Fred Radio, messaged me on Facebook to say that I hadn’t been on the show for a while and I should come in to talk about my new gig hosting Good Report TV that I’ve been posting about on Facebook. Unfortunately, when I walked into the studio, Fred asked “Have you gotten any (censored) lately?” I started to tell him a story, and Humble said: “Stop right there.” Which I have learned means, “We want to hear this story on the air.” So, when it came to my part of the show, we talked for a couple of minutes about my new eco product review web show. And then the Humble steered the conversation to: “So… You were telling Fred about…?” And it all quickly devolved into a discussion that I can’t post on Facebook, for fear of horrifying my family. So, mom, don’t click on the following link. And nobody should click on the link if they don’t want to hear a graphic, adult-themed tale. And definitely don’t watch the YouTube promo about the show. But for the rest of you who are fine with a SEXUALLY GRAPHIC, ADULT-THEMED story, click here to hear a tale about the latest ridiculous turn in my love life. My main part starts around 1 hour and 19 minutes into the show.


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