On CBC Radio’s DNTO revealing I’m gullible!


The Jan. 9, 2010 episode of CBC Radio’s Definitely Not The Opera was about Optimism. I told a story about how in university I was overly optimistic that my “friend” Grant back in Ottawa was telling the truth about things like his magic bicycle and his secret laboratory. There are many parts of this story that CBC didn’t have time to include. Fortunately, they’re all in the play I wrote on the subject. I’m optimistic that someone out there will hear the story and contact me to fund the play’s production. Heck, I’m sure that, amongst his other remarkable accomplishments, Grant is a multi-millionaire theatre empresario. “Josh Man! I heard your story on the radio! I’m going to produce that play for you. As long as you come out to a bar to pick up chicks with me!” To hear the tale, click here or simply click Play below.


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