Introducing Celebrity Josh Real Estate


Hey, real estate agents! I interview celebrities on red carpets. Now you can bring this celebrity style to the properties you’re selling! I’ll tour the property with you and interview you about it. And you’ll get a fun video to help make the sale. It’s just $199 per video! I’m in Toronto, so local properties are great. But I could also travel to you in other cities.

My camera woman Kathleen Larsen is also a city planner from Vancouver. She could provide you and your clients with a “city planning” perspective on the home.

And my friend Sandra Leigh Lester is a green construction consultant. She could give you and your clients a consultation on the building’s eco and energy status.

The first episode is a 2-bed 2-bath unit beside Wilson Station in Toronto. The building’s got everything from an infinity pool to convenience store. Email Yinan Xia at or text/call 647-295-6580 – Say Celebrity Josh sent you and you’ll get $500 cash back on this or any buy or sell. Or I can email him for you and cc you.

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