A love song for a cozy snowy winter evening


Yesterday Cheryl emailed me: “What are you up to tonight? Feel like coming to my place and practicing more music?” So last night in the soft beautiful snow, I subwayed over to Cheryl’s basement apartment. I love it there. Not only is it a very cozy place, but she even made me a cheese and tomato sandwich (cheese and tomatoes are two of my favourite things). Anyway, we played a couple of songs for her JVC Super VHS GR-SXM540 Camcorder. And then realized we can’t get the footage off her JVC Super VHS GR-SXM540 Camcorder. So until we do, all you can watch is the back-up I shot of the first song with my digital camera. Which you can do by clicking here. The lyrics are on the right side if you click “More info.” The song is about feeling a rush from a special someone every single time you think about them. Even years after you first met. If you know what that feeling’s like, you’re very lucky. Suggestions for a title for the song are welcome. Cheese and tomato sandwiches are also welcome.



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