Join me for a Costa Rica Adventure Tour, Aug 6-14!


For years, Ami Greener of Greener Travel has been emailing me asking me to come on his eco-friendly adventure tours. (I am jealous that he’s eco-friendly like me and has the last name Greener.)

The tours are primarily, but not exclusively, for single Jewish young professionals. I’m not really young, certainly not professional, only kind of Jewish, and probably deliberately single. But, whatever. I’m close enough!

This spring Ami messaged again, about his August trip to Costa Rica. And he asked if I was going to be in Washington DC for AIPAC. Which it turns out, I was! Because now that I’m working for myself, I can take trips that I otherwise might not have wanted to use my precious vacation time for. Like going to AIPAC. Or to… Costa Rica!

So, Ami and I met up in DC at a party at a bar, I wound up crashing on his couch for a night, and on my last day, we met up at co-working space Cove for a funny and informative interview about what the heck happens on his tours.

I’m almost pretty sure I’m going to finally commit to going on this trip. So you should come too. We’ll have fun! I’m not sure why his website is Costaribbean, while his company name is Greener Travel. But whatever. For more information and to sign up, go to


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