Is eating gluten-free just trendy?


Is being gluten-free mostly just trendy? A Gabby’s Restaurant Group waitress said it is, and Heather wants to punch her! Click to watch the hilarious rant – Filmed way back on July 19, 2015. (And please subscribe to to help me make more fun stuff!)

Note: Like the waitress, I’ve read that people who aren’t celiac are being gluten-free for no valid reason. So, I don’t mean to bash the waitress. We were just trying to be funny. I still recommend Gabby‘s!

Heather Saffer (founder of gluten-free Dollop gourmet frosting) stayed with me for a night in July 2015 when she came to Toronto to talk to Ward Anderson on the Ward and Al SiriusXM Radio show. At the time, Heather was a Cupcake Wars winner and Fox Rochester WUHF baking expert. Since then, she’s been on Shark Tank where she won an investment, moved from Rochester to LA, and been on Steve Harvey talking about her dating life. So I’m capitalizing on her increasing fame by finally getting around to editing and posting my old footage of her.


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