I lost 2 lbs in 3 days on Thrive. I also lost my mind.

weight loss diet supplement Thrive
I prepare to try Thrive, to see if it will help me lose weight, or give me energy, or do whatever it's supposed to do.

Want to lose weight with no exercise or dieting? I did with this supplement. I also wound up dumping my trash can all over my kitchen. Watch the videos below.

Just before my trip to Punta Cana I tried Thrive, and I’m finally posting 2 videos about what happened. On Day 1, I freaked out about when to take the different parts. 3 days later, I showed that I lost 2 lbs while just sitting in my condo the whole time! And I threw garbage all over my kitchen. Read on for the story and vids:

My friend Melanie has been posting on Facebook about how much she loves taking Thrive by Le-Vel. Apparently it gives her energy and makes her feel great and has changed her life. I’m not exactly sure how. She kept messaging me telling me to try it. I told her I’d vlog about it if she sent me some. I think she thought she was sending a 3-day supply, but it got sent by someone above her and it was actually a sweet 6-day supply of Thrive pills, powder and “Derma Fusion Technology” patches. After 3 days I stopped, because the next morning because was my flight Punta Cana and I’m always late for flights and I didn’t want the caffeine in the product possibly affecting my sleep the night before the flight, or on the plane. But it seems 3 days was enough. Because I’d already lost 2 pounds in 3 days! While just sitting in my condo the whole time!

In Video 1 below, I explain how I kept messing up exactly when to take the different parts. And in Video 3, you can see that I lost the weight. You can also see that at the end, I go insane trying to find my discarded patch to show you that a hair was on it, thus making it a good waxing tool. I threw my garbage all over the floor. Was this due to the caffeine or to my usual neuroses? Sadly, it was probably just my usual self. But I’ll let you decide. And if you want to try Thrive for yourself, email josh@joshrachlis.com or message my Facebook profile.

Oh, and just before you scroll down to the videos, here’s the photo I posted on Instagram and Facebook when I started, so you can see what people’s thoughts were:


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