My Life: Another weird guy on public transit ruined my chance with a girl

Ok, I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for funny things to talk about on YouTube. Meanwhile, ridiculous things keep happening to me in real life and I’ve been relegating them to Facebook statuses. One of those ridiculous things just happened to me on a bus and I was about to write a status about it when I got off the bus. But it occurred to me, why not record myself talking about it? That might capture the story better. So, at the bottom of this entry, I will post the world’s first Josh Rachlis Video Facebook Status.

But first, this one will require a little background: On Aug 6, 2012, I saw a cute girl waiting for a streetcar and while I was thinking about talking to her on the streetcar, a guy (maybe homeless, but probably just weird) told me I had big muscles. For those of you who aren’t my Facebook friends, here are some screengrabs of the Facebook status that I wrote on my iPhone in my condo lobby right after the incident. You can see that 31 comments ensued.

Ok, so now you’ll know why I couldn’t believe that pretty much the exact same thing just happened to me, less than two weeks later. As you can see, people are excited to hear the tale:

So without further adieu, here’s me telling the story about what happened:


And as proof of my tale, here’s the crappy video of the guy talking to me, with occasional wistful pans to the object of my stymied affections:



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