I acted in this radio ad for Utah State University


I was chosen from my voices.com audition to voice act in this radio ad about the Master of Human Resources at Utah State University. In this spot, I’m the Boss who says: “Hey man! What are you doing up there?” and “Oh. You didn’t see the elevator here?” That last line is something I ad-libbed in a few wild lines that I recorded on my own after the session, just as a bonus. The scripted line was “Oh… (pause) You know there’s an elevator here, right?” So that’s the kind of extra value you get from using Josh Rachlis as your voice actor! 😉

The client was at Metcom Studios in Salt Lake City. I was in my bedroom closet in Toronto. They wanted to listen in via Skype, instead of what I usually do, which is have the client listen over my iPhone. And Skype worked great. It seems they were hearing my voice through the microphone I was recording with, rather than the little built-in mic on my MacBook. So that’s exciting. It actually gives me hope that if I film a podcast with my laptop, I can have the sound recorded via my good mic. And maybe I can do a podcast about voice acting. See how it all comes around? My mind can’t handle this kind of synergy!




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