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I play a teacher in Seattle Aquarium radio ads


Last year, through my agent In Both Ears in Portland, I got the role of a teacher in 4 radio ads for Seattle Aquarium. And they liked my performance so much that they had me voice this year’s campaign as well! I always knew I’d make a good teacher. But recently I asked my teacher friend Joseé what I would have to do to become one for real, and she said I’d have to take a few years of teacher’s college. So maybe I’ll stick with playing a teacher in radio ads. Although, Josée did say that if I get a police check, I could come talk to her Grade 3 class. So, that’s an option. I did love talking to the Grade 5 class about the Green Party during the last provincial election. In the meantime, though, here’s Mr. Rachlis taking his class on field trips to Seattle Aquarium:

May 2014:

May 2015:

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