I’m huge in France. Me and Jerry Lewis.


Funny story: This morning at work my colleague Jason starts off a group meeting by telling us about his recent trip to France. He says he was in the middle of nowhere in France. Somewhere in the countryside. In a farmhouse. His little boy was acting up and Jason wanted to give the kid something to do. So Jason turned on the TV, which was hooked up to satellite. He found some French channel, and as he turned away from the TV, the first thing he heard was MY voice. He couldn’t believe it. But he was positive he recognized my “bad Scottish accent,” as he put it. So when his wife was going out with the child a few minutes later, Jason said he had to stay behind to see the credits. And sure enough, there was my name in the credits of Time Warp Trio, an educational cartoon being broadcast in France. I guess some French Discovery Channel Station of some sort picked up the show. I did the voice a couple of years ago, at least. Was playing some kind of Scottish explorer in the 1800’s, I think. I’ve never even seen the show myself. I only had maybe five lines. I was only a tiny part of the half-hour show. But somehow… Across the ocean… In a deserted farmhouse in France… My colleague turned on the TV at the exact moment that those few lines were coming through the TV. I’m not sure what the point of my story is. And I didn’t tell it in a very funny way. So maybe I was misleading by setting it up with “Funny Story.” I’m sure you were hoping it involved me accidentally ingesting some kind of narcotic. So I’m sorry to disappoint. But man, it’s just kind of neat.


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