YouTube samples for CBC

Hi Kyle and Miriam! Thanks for taking a look at my work on behalf of the CBC Creator Network. Obviously you don’t have to watch all (or any) of these videos. I’m just posting a bunch to give you an idea of the kinds of things I’ve do.

My short film Terry Cloth played on CBC TV years ago. It’s about a towel who writes a song for a girl. After it aired on the CBC show, I got emails from girls around the world, asking for a file of the song. I shot it in Chatham, Ontario, because I like to promote and support small towns:

A commercial I wrote and starred in that aired on CBC:

I’ve been on CBC Radio, telling stories on DNTO and GO:

I care a lot about the environment and I like making entertaining videos that teach people to take care of our planet. In this music video, I rap about why Laurie David should marry me. She’s Larry David’s ex-wife, and she produced the global warming doc An Inconvenient Truth. I use the love angle to talk about ways we can help the environment:

I wrote a Love Song for Green Party leader Elizabeth May that went viral during the 2011 federal election. It was played on CBC Radio and the CBC website called it a must-listen:

I support Canadian actors, and I hosted a few videos with Marilla, a British-Canadian actress, where we’d interview each other:

I support Canadian musicians, and recorded some of my original songs with a female Toronto singer:

I like to support peace and diversity, and co-hosted a Jewish/Arab peace event in Montreal with now famous Montreal LGBT Arab comedienne Eman El-Husseini:

I support Canadian artists, so when I visited The Artist Project in Toronto, I interviewed the artists:

I like to promote the Canadian film industry, so I interviewed Seth Rogen about shooting Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz in Toronto:

I support Canadian cultural events, so I vlogged my funny adventures at Nuit Blanche in 2012:

I support female entrepreneurship, so I interviewed Lisa Labute about her Toronto food business, The Goods:

The City of Toronto enjoyed my Laurie David rap video and asked me to film videos promoting their Livegreen Toronto Awards:

I support CBC, so I filmed an audition for CBC’s Canada’s Smartest Person:

I vlog about my comedic take on everyday life, which often involves me checking out Canadian cultural and educational events. This video is one of my most “viral”, with over 26,000 views. It’s my “escape” from a Landmark Forum:

I support Canadian art and culture, so I ventured into the freezing cold to do a report on the Winter Stations Design Competition in The Beach. I like to make my art reports funny and entertaining, like when Conan O’Brien goes on a field trip to do a remote report:

I support local charities, I care about the environment, I love to interview people who are helping Canada, and I love to report on strong female leaders. So I interviewed the President of Earth Day Canada:

I support female leaders and the environment. And I like to make educational videos that are funny so that people will watch them. So when Canada’s Minister of the Environment liked my photo on Instagram, I wrote a song about it, which she loved and retweeted:

I support female entrepreneurs and Canadian cultural events, so I wrote a song about Randi Zuckerberg when she came to speak in Toronto:

I like to promote Canadian cultural activities, so I made a funny report of me wandering around the Star Trek exhibit at the Canadian National Exhibition:

I support women in the arts, and I support Canadian cultural institutions like TIFF. So when Jessica Chastain came to introduce a movie, I wrote a song about her:

I support Canadian cultural institutions like TIFF, I support Canadian actors, and I support diversity in the arts, so at TIFF16 I was happy to interview Asian-Canadian actor Hayden Szeto, who starred in The Edge of 17. I draw cartoons of celebrities and give them the cartoon. Hayden’s PR person tells me that Hayden framed the cartoon.

I support female actresses and drew Haley Lu Richardson a cartoon. My interview with her has a lot of hits. It gives young women the important message that even stars like Haley were insecure and unpopular in high school, so we should all love and support each other:

You can’t get more Canadian than Anne of Green Gables, so I was happy to draw a cartoon of CBC star Amybeth McNulty at the TIFF premiere of her show:

I made another song about Catherine McKenna, Canada’s Minister of the Environment, to promote her Q&A with Al Gore at the Toronto premiere of An Inconvenient Sequel:

For TIFF17, I applied for and got a media pass. I interviewed celebrities on the red carpet. But I also wanted to talk to the hard-working journalists, and I love to promote diversity in media. For instance, I interviewed a Quebecoise feminist blogger:

I drew a picture of and interviewed Canadian Indigenous actor Michael Greyeyes, and I’m excited to see that this interview is one of my most-viewed from TIFF:

Sometimes the big stars don’t have time to talk to a little YouTuber like me, but I still try hard to get some coverage of them or interact with them a bit, to help promote the arts, and to show viewers the real struggles of making it in media. Here I was happy that I was able to show Jessica Chastain my cartoon of her:

I support women in media, so I interviewed Toronto Sun music reviewer Jane Stevenson when she was beside me on the TIFF red carpet:

You can see that my interviews cover the diversity of Canada. Here’s my interview with an El Salvador-born Toronto actor:

A female Toronto actor:

A Nigerian-born Toronto actor:

A Toronto actress:

Prolific Canadian actor:

I interviewed a Chinese-Canadian woman who was covering red carpets beside me. She writes a WeChat blog for Chinese-speaking Torontonians.

And I did longer interviews, such as this one with Egyptian filmmakers:

A long discussion with a Nova Scotian director and first-time actress:

Impromptu interview with a racially and gender diverse group of young actors I met at a party:

Jim Carrey is a Canadian performer, TIFF is a Canadian event, and it’s nice to show my fellow hardworking Canadian YouTubers that we can cover the big Hollywood news:

And I like to bring a Canadian perspective to interviewing stars like James Franco: